Meningitis B

Well, Meningitis has been in the news again. It seems to have brought back everything we all went through last year when two of our children contracted the illness.

This was a terrible time and a worry for staff and parents. Thankfully both children were caught early enough without any lasting effects.

 Reflecting on our experience I also feel thankful for something else. We were all vaccinated. We worked hard at the time with Public Health to get the newly developed Meningitis B vaccine for all our nursery children and staff. Every child was offered this for free and all families took this offer up. Yes, it hurt. Yes, they cried - some of them even had a rare severe reaction to the immunisation. But they are now all protected from this debilitating illness.

We raised a lot of money for Meningitis Now research with our toddle waddle to say thankyou - over £600. Horrifyingly, that amount of money would only pay for one child to have the vaccine normally. I was delighted when the vaccine became available free of charge for all babies born after a certain date, but I think more needs to be done to make the vaccine available for all children (not just babies). I'm trying to get it for my daughter Ella. I will have to pay for it but there's no price I wouldn't pay to know that she's protected. 

If you see a campaign on Facebook about signing the petition to make the vaccine available for all children, please take a moment to sign it.