Here you can find important information that you either need to know or might want to know as a parent at Greenview Nursery.

Please have a read and let us know if there is anything else you may feel would be good to include here. You can use the Contact Us button to send us some feedback if you like!

General Parent Information

Parent Handbook

All About Me

Parent Involvement Letter

Room Transition Guides

Guide to Baby Room

Guide to Toddlers

Guide to PreSchool


There are so many policies we could share with you! We have a file full of them in our office and to us each one is important. However, we do appreciate that not everyone will find them as exciting as we do. We've uploaded a selection of the ones we feel are the most important for you here. Please ask us if you have any questions or would like to find out more. You are welcome to have a look through our policy file at any time and ask us any questions you like. We also have a 'policy of the month' and this is displayed on the parent noticeboard in reception for you to read or test us on!

Safeguarding policy

Complaints policy

Absence and infection control policy

Behaviour management policy

English as an additional language policy

Equal opportunities and inclusion policy

Early Years Foundation Stage policy

Fundamental British values and prevent duty policy

Health and administering medicine policy

Intimate care policy

Involving and consulting children policy

Key person policy

Looked after child policy

Mobile devices policy

Outdoor play policy

Procedure to be followed in event of a lost child

Procedure to be followed in event of parent failing to collect a child

Progress check for Two Year Olds

Security and visitor policy

Special educational needs policy

Transition policy

Visits and outings policy