Babies quickly transform into toddlers and again we ensure that their needs and interests are met during this important stage in their life. Greenview Nursery adopts the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework and this enables us to provide the most flexible and stimulating development programme which ensures that at each stage of their development your child’s unique needs are met.

Dragonflies is equipped with toys and apparatus which is age specific to challenge and enhance each child’s development. They have access to outdoors from the play room and areas have been created for specific activities for children to make their own choices and develop their own interests. They enjoy our P.E. sessions in a large open space to enable them to have the space to develop physically with jumping, climbing, running and skipping.

Our mud kitchen

In toddlers, potty /toilet training usually takes place with plenty of advice and support given to you and patience and encouragement is given to your child. 

Things you will need to bring with you:-

¨ Nappies, wipes and cream (if needed)

¨ A change of clothes including socks

¨ A water bottle

¨ Wellies and coats for outdoor play


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