Changing from toddlers to pre-school is a new and exciting time.  Our qualified and experienced team are ready to encourage each child’s development through varied and age appropriate activities.

As your preschooler’s awareness of their imagination and language increases, opportunities to learn will be supported continually, whether it’s mixing and making play dough or expressing themselves through music or play.

Our pre school unit brings excitement, challenge and fun to every day. In or pre-school we have:

¨ An ICT area with interactive whiteboard

¨ Phonics sessions everyday

¨ PE class to encourage physical development and independence

- Self– serve meals to get ready for school

¨ Homework challenges

¨ Indoor/outdoor play

Things you will need to bring:-
  Wellies and a coat for outdoor play
  A change of clothes including socks
  A water bottle
  Family photographs


What do we do in pre school?

  Going for walks to the garden
  Growing herbs and plants
  Make obstacle courses
  Listening to sounds and nature walks
  Phonics
  P.E. Skills
  ICT skills
  Eat our meals together and become dinner helpers
  Becoming independent in our self care
  Put our creative work on display
  Water, sand, gloop, playdough, painting, baking and so much more